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The Empire is History

The Empire is history. In Brexit, however, it lives on as an idea, in a country that still celebrates people who have slaughtered many people. The lies of a small group of mostly white, old-fashioned men will determine the weal and woe of a once-proud nation that wants to feel free and independent again, with a prime minister who has neither principles nor a moral compass and is one of the most egregious examples of a growing global threat.

But democracy lives from the commitment of its citizens, it is not self-evident, but must be deserved and defended daily. Only those who stand up and make a clear decision ultimately have a say in history and in shaping the ways of Europe – whether as part of the EU or not. Leaning back, letting others do, and later complaining about “those up there” should not be an option. It is time for the citizens of Britain to show their elected representatives what they think of the dishonest back and forth of Brexit. Whether Remainer or Brexiteer – a clear decision is necessary so that the once proud Union as such remains.

But this decision must raise from the people, not from those who with bold lies successfully seduced the masses and left large parts of the people resigned. Democracy also means assuming responsibility. Responsibility as sovereign. Responsibility in the form of participation. Stop the endurance and ducking down.

It has never been more important to rise and participate than today. Only together we can stop the deadlock of recent years, put an end to the ongoing rise of the far right and find a way out of the failed process of a divorce that should never have happened in the first place.

Henry Páll Wulff

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