Henry Páll Naturalist, Expedition Guide, Filmmaker, Marketer


I’m a Naturalist, an Expedition Guide, a Filmmaker, a Foodie, a Green Tea Maniac, a Cheese Enthusiast, a Cat Lover, an Ice Addict, a World Nomad, a Diagnosed Workaholic, a Motivated Procrastinator, a Full-Time Traveler, a Professional Dreamer, a Non-smoker, a Human Being. Made in Germany, Home in Reykjavík.

Traveling the world by profession, I am dedicated to the polar regions of our planet. The timeless yet rapidly changing landscapes of North and South are what arouse my keen interest. The understanding of the fragility of these regions, the influence of humans in these areas and our chance to preserve those unique habitats for posterity are the main tasks of my professional activity. To explain these complex relationships in an easy-to-understand way and to introduce them to an open-minded, non-specialist, but interested audience is the driving force of my work. However, it must not amount to simply teaching, but must always contain passion and humour. Only by that a comprehensive understanding of our environment can be generated and I truly believe that we protect better what we know well. 

Coming from the big city, I came into contact with the wonders of nature rather late. Classic office jobs in the advertising and film industries have kept me from breaking out of the big city jungle for years. But after a two-month backpacking trip to Iceland, I could not get back into big city life and quickly moved to the island at the edge of the Arctic. Here I discovered a new field of profession for me and started my guide career first as a hiking guide in the Icelandic highlands and later as a glacier guide on Europe’s largest ice cap and at the foot of Iceland’s most notorious volcano, Katla.

Today I mainly work as a naturalist and lecturer on expedition cruise ships in the Arctic. Along the way in Iceland, Greenland, Spitsbergen or Norway, my fascination with volcanoes and glaciers in particular still makes me curious to discover something new in the polar regions. I am passionate about glaciers and volcanoes and although I do not have a university degree in geology, I gained a certain amount of expertise in both and especially regarding subglacial volcanism in Iceland during my jobs as a documentary filmmaker and tour guide. For me the easy-to-understand communication of complex topics, especially in a research context, is an essential part of my guide activities.

We protect better what we understand well.