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Ina's Reisen - Reykjavik

Ina Müller goes on a journey. In keeping with the tradition of her equally joyous and successful TV series "Ina's Norden", the singer and entertainer embarks on new voyages of discovery. This time their destinations are in Europe's north: Riga, Stockholm and Reykjavik. Here she meets emigrants and locals, from whom she would like to find out in her typical Müllerian style what makes the flair of the respective city and if she wanted to live there herself.

The first episode took Ina to Reykjavik. Iceland is fabled, but how about all the stories? Singer Ina Müller gets to the bottom of some myths, learns everything about elves, hot pots and dicks (of mammals in the phallus museum). In addition, she dusted off an Iceland sweater, falls in love with an Iceland pony and sings with an Icelandic men's choir. Actually, the island is made for Ina, if it wouldn't always be so bitterly cold.

As part of the production, together with my colleague Anja Eichler, I researched the protagonists, obtained filming permits, scouted locations, prepared the filming, managed the principal photography on location and followed up after the filming until the final wrap-up.

Host: Ina Müller
Commissioning Editor: Ulrike Eigel
Producer: Marcus Foag
Director/Writer: Sabine Howe
Local Producer: Henry Páll Wulff
Production Assistant: Anja Eichler

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