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Ehrlich Brothers: Showdown der Weltbesten Magier

With the two magic brothers "Ehrlich Brothers" Germany has again two magicians of world fame, who mesmerize people in a unique and fascinating world of illusions. With their spectacular shows, Andreas and Chris Ehrlich have been filling the largest halls and stadiums for years and have received 13 awards and two world record titles for their artistic work.

Now the two top-illusionists are asking for a magical duel of the highest caliber: In two major primetime television shows, the Ehrlich Brothers have six first-class national and international magicians competing in three different categories. Chris and Andreas have been on the lookout for their personal top magicians in certain categories worldwide for the two shows "Ehrlich Brothers: Showdown of the world's best magicians" and send them as godparents in every show in the race. In each case two magicians fight in categories such as "Mystic Magic", "Comedy" and "Dangerous Magic" for the victory and must convince the audience with their performance - because that determines the winner in each category and in the end also the overall winner. Of course, the Ehrlich Brothers even outperform some of their unique illusions on every show.

In June 2017, Andreas Ehrlich came to Iceland to meet the exceptional cardistry-magician Shin Lim and to shoot with him and introductional video to present the magician in the primetime stage show. We drove to various locations along the famous Golden Circle and shot Shin Lim and his card tricks in front of an impressive natural backdrop.

For this production I have scouted the locations, prepared the shooting, accompanied the principal photography on location and wrapped the whole production up.

Host: Andreas Ehrlich
Guest: Shin Lim
Director: Jochen Schmitz
Camera: Ralf Richter
Sound: Adrian Schwegler
Commissioning Editor: Sarah Wißmann
Production Manager: Nicole Jüngling
Local Producer: Henry Páll Wulff

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