Henry Páll Naturalist, Expedition Guide, Filmmaker, Marketer

Verbal Adventures

I recently started working with Chris Marquardt on his podcast Curiously Polar. I met him, when he joined on our cruises on m/v Togo for two photography workshops. On our trip along the Lofoten islands, we took some time to talk about sea ice. The setting could not have been nicer as the sun is shining while we were strolling through the fishing village Henningsvær. After some rough days with quite a swell for a small vessel like Togo, it felt good to spend the day on land with some sunshine.
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With m/v Hondius into Scoresbysund

Oceanwide Expeditions just confirmed a new departure for me onboard the brand new vessel m/v Hondius from Iceland into Scoresbysund in East Greenland. The East Greenland – Scoresby Sund cruise crosses the Arctic Circle into the home waters of multiple species of whale. The expedition will spot huge icebergs as it journeys into the largest and deepest fjord system in the world. Along the way, the Northern Lights is guiding our way.
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New date on s/v Noorderlicht

I just added a new cruise departure to my calendar for Oceanwide Expeditions on the tallship s/v Noorderlicht for a cruise around Senja. The North Norway cruise follows the path of more than one kind of whale as it travels amongst the fjords of Troms. The long Norway nights offer travellers on this expedition an excellent chance to take in the beauty and wonder of the Northern Lights.
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Confirmed Summer Schedule for Svalbard

The coming summer is slowly taking shape after Oceanwide Expeditions has confirmed four departures in Svalbard aboard the m/v Plancius for July. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to work for Oceanwide Expeditions and can not wait to get on board. So far, four departures from Longyearbyen have been confirmed, two are looking for polar bears and pack ice in the north of Svalbard, while the other two departures are trying to circumnavigate Svalbard.
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First Summer Dates Confirmed

I’m looking forward to confirming my first cruise departures for the coming summer. I will embark for German operator Nicko Cruises for three departures onboard the brand new m/v World Explorer. The trips lead from Germany via Sweden and Norway to the Faroe Islands to Iceland and from Iceland to Greenland and back.
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